Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Book - Morley's Journey to Oz and Back

Morley's Journey to Oz and Back

My latest publication is "Morley's Journey to Oz and back", available for download on Amazon - only 99p

I am delighted that I have had a fabulous review from someone in Australia!


This is a story of a working class family from Nottingham, who went to Australia on the £10 assisted passage scheme. It takes them through their adventures on board ship with it breaking down in the Atlantic; how they coped in a new country and travelled from the bottom to the top of Australia in search of a completely different lifestyle. After finally finding a new life in the tropics, they survived one of the worst cyclones that devastated the town of Townsville on Christmas Eve 1971; and then the return journey back to England. This is their incredible story.

In Calverton -
The night before we set sail for Australia

As we said goodbye to England on the start of our great adventure to the other side of the world.

The Fairsky - our ship and home for six long weeks. At times we thought we would never reach our destination.
 The book tells of our many adventures, both happy and sad, whilst we were Down Under

Our home utterly devastated by Cyclone Althea on Christmas Eve 1971.

The book was featured in Nottingham Evening Post Bygones several years ago .......

This journey all of those years ago, is what has given me the urge to continue travelling and to see and experience the world. Please see my other travel stories - hopefully there will be many more to follow.

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I had a stall at the local Family History Fair and discussed my books with lots of people.

Did I say how many people have looked at my blog now .... 
Over 80,000! 

Exciting Times!!!!

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Both books are only 99p now - please download yourself a copy.

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They should both be made into films, they are such unbelievable stories.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me.

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